Thursday, November 30, 2017

The One That Got Away


When I was a kid (still am) I loved K'nex. I had all the good stuff. The Big Ball factory. The Training Tower. Bulldozers. Remote powered trucks, cars, scorpions, dinosaurs, everything.

I was spoiled rotten. That's not important.

However, there was one K'nex set I could never get my hands on. Item number 63030. The K'nex Rollercoaster. 8 feet long. 3 feet tall. 2400 individual K'nex pieces. I wanted it bad. Unfortunately, they stopped making it and we could never find it. I remember we tried to order it through Toys R Us, but even that worthless, good for nothing, Giraffe couldn't get his hands on it.

My dreams were destroyed. I was destroyed. My life? Not worth living.

This all happened in the mid 90's and we were still skeptical about the internet. What is the purpose of the internet when we have like 2 libraries in this town?! All the information you can handle, bro.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving this year. My dad is cleaning out the shop and wants us to get all our "shit" out of there. I unearth my K'nex. I throw the 5ft x 2.5ft x 3ft container in the back of my wife's 4runner. She is very impressed with my K'nex collection. She wants to make love to me. She some how restrains herself.

Welcome home my preciouses. I missed you.

This all got me thinking about that beautiful, incredible, illusive- coaster. So I start googling. Then ebaying. The excitement builds. My lips are dry. My hands. Trembling. I'm 33 years old, but I don't care. I click "buy it now". Merry Christmas.

The one that got away... nope.

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