Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bryan's Dad.

There's this homeless man that I give money to every once in a while... Kind of frequently, kind of not. Like, when I have dollars, ya know? I don't often carry cash and he's not always around, but sometimes he is and sometimes I have cash. Anyways, he can usually be found around the intersection on Broadway and 6th. He looks just like Bryan Williams' dad. I swear its Bryan's dad. I'm 7% sure its Bryan's dad. First I gave him some dollars because he complimented my favorite jacket. (How insanely narcissistic am I?) It's this hideous green corduroy suit jacket with half the buttons missing. Its my favorite. Usually if a homeless person told me he liked my coat- I would just give it to him, but I really like this jacket, so I just gave him some dollars instead.

*Now to get really sidetracked- One time a client I was making a commercial for- tried to buy this green jacket off me. True story. Super weird. He also tried to give me a 100 dollar bill- but I said no, I cant accept that, but instead "you can buy lunch".... The client then takes me to a glorified Colorado Hooters of sorts and during conversation he says "so whats the deal with that jacket?". And I'm like; "o I dunno its ugly, I like it." And he proceeds to try to buy it from me. I decline. I some how get myself in these super awkward situations; like a man trying to buy my blazer off of me at Hooters. I'm trying to cut back though.

*Back on track- It's a jacket from Goodwill, it was like 3 dollars. Apparently I look dynamite in it. Damn it, enough about me and the jacket. 

So there is this homeless man.
 I don't know his name, but for some reason I consider us friends. He's my homeless friend that I know nothing about. Now to the reason I really like him and continue to give him dollars. One day I was walking to the Chipotle, in the middle of winter, (like a month ago?), and I see my friend (Bryan's dad), and I have no dollars to give him today. No worries. He comes up and ask me how its going- I say something to the effect of "I'm good, little cold, but I'm good, how are you doing??"... Mind you, I just said I'm a "little cold" to a homeless man that has been begging on the street corner in the middle of winter. I am basically a terrible person and have no control on what my brain is going to compute to my mouth.
My homeless friend, unfazed by how ridiculous I am in my warm coat and clean khakis and stupid face, cheerfully replies "No complaints, man. No complaints. God is good."
Then I cry (on the inside) because this man has a better outlook on life than almost everyone I know, including myself. The dude is the most positive, happy (on the outside), person you could ever meet. Maybe you know him? He looks like Bryan's dad? He's out and about today- I gave him 3 dollars. Enough to buy a bitchen green jacket.

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